Tana | 149032 | All Protector | 224G

Tana | 149032 | All Protector | 224G

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Tana All Protector creates an invisble shield that lets material breaths as it repels the elements, and prevents dirt from setting to make cleaning easier. Excellent for most materials of footwear; including all colours of genuine or imitation leather, seude, nubuck and fabric. DO NOT use on patent reptile, metallic leather or vinyl.


  • Articles must be dry prior to use
  • Spot test before use
  • Spray 20cm away from article
  • Do not saturate
  • Allow to dry and repeat
  • Use regularly for maximum protection

Best Use For:

  • Dress Shoes
  • Work / Winter Boots
  • Casual Shoes
  • Athletic Foorwear