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Welcome to H. R. Lash, your timeless source for all things clothing and shoes. We’ve dedicated over 100 years to giving you the very best of everything we offer with outstanding customer service. We have a rich history being in the same location all this time with plenty of stories to share. Scroll down to peak through the looking glass of what's happened through the life and times at our business.


Herbert J. Lash

Meet Herb Lash

 Herb is the fourth family generation owner of H.R. Lash. He took over the business officially at the 100 years in business landmark in 2014. Working at the business at a young age of 16 has developed a lot of experience in the industry. The main focus was to take the long standing business and build it online to share not only the amazing products but outstanding service to all across Canada.



H. R. Lash was established in 1914 under the ownership of Herbert Rosevear Lash. This answers the age old question of what the "R" stands for. It all started back in 1912 when H. R. Lash was working in his father's establishment at C. J. Lash Groceries and Meats located on Cath cart Street here in Sault Ste. Marie. Herb would deliver groceries to the houses in the area. One day his deliveries took him to a home where a young Romanian woman named Vivian Keith was visiting her aunt. Vivian was only 16 years of age but spoke 6 languages. Needless to say he became smitten with her, but her visit was coming to a close and she had to return to Romania. A quick decision was made to start a new life together in the small Steelton community. Two years later they purchased the 308 John St. building from Mr. Stubbs that had been under construction and opened a small shoe store on the corner known as H. R. Lash. Herb rented out the other areas to different tenants housing barbers, bankers, (TRADERS BANK later known as THE ROYAL BANK) pharmacists, grocers, just to mention a few. Herbert and Vivian then resided for the rest of their days above the store in one of the apartments and had one son, William, born May 21, 1919. The other upstairs apartments were rented through the years to many, many family members and friends becoming a small community on its own. Since then, there have been four generations that have carried on with the family business passing it from father to son. Each carrying on with the business ethics and wisdom passed on from generation to generation.

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We hope you enjoy our history and products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Herb J. Lash

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