Tuxedo Rentals

After all the preparation waiting for the perfect moment to finally pop the question you deserve an easy transition leading up to the wedding. We have plenty of experience in helping you Suit Up! With knowledge of the styles, fits, and fashions we make the tuxedo rental process painless. We have a continued drive to excel at what we do I've learned many tricks of the trade to help make your day as unique and unforgettable as possible.


Collins Formalwear


Tuxedo Rental

All Styles, All Sizes, All occasions are $229.99 plus tax.

​Full Rentals

Some accessories such as 
slim stretch pants and sparkle
shoes are extra costs.

​All Full Rentals include the following:
  • Jacket and Pant
  • Shirt, Vest and Tie
  • Pocket Square
  • Shoes
  • Suspenders and Cufflinks(Black)
  • Alterations and Exchanges

Don't need the whole suit?
We have put together smaller
packages that may fit your needs.
Some accessories have upgrade
costs which will be applied to these
prices. Ask store for details.​

​Everything but the Jacket $179.99
Shirt, Vest, Tie and Pant $154.99
Shirt, Vest and Tie $69.99
Vest and Tie $49.99
Jacket and Pant Only $189.99
​Upgrading your shoes to
sparkle shoes will add an
additional $40 to packages
that include shoes.

Upgrading your pant to knit
ultra slim pant will add an
extra $10 to packages that include pants.
​Individual Rentals

Everything in our catalogue can be
rented individually.
​Dress Shirts $22.99
Dress Pants $69.99
Slim Knit Dress Pant (Black) $79.99
Vest $44.99
Windsor Tie or Bow Tie $17.99
Deco Jacket $54.99

Shoes $34.99
Sparkle Shoes $40.00
Pocket Square $9.99
Top Hat $40.00
Cane $15.00
Wool Suspenders$ 12.99
Cummerbund $15.00
Belt $12.99

​Important Notes ​Damage Waiver of $10.00 is added
to all orders (Covers repairable
damage up to $100)

Rentals are for one day only
(this includes try on two days
before wearing)
To rent for a full week add
25% to the cost of the rental
Rush Fee of $20 per order 
may apply to orders received 10 days or less before the 

Late fees of up to $25 per day may apply for unreturned orders


Click here for Collins e-catalogue : https://www.collinsclothiers.com/catalogue?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3te1rJme-AIViT-tBh3hdQjhEAAYASABEgJCCPD_BwE

Tuxedo Tips 

Making sure everything looks just the way you want for your special day takes a lot of planning. Here are a few tips to help guide you through getting the groom and groomsmen looking sharp for the wedding.

Everyone should wear the same type of shoe.

The rental companies will offer you shoe rentals as part of your tuxedo rental package. You should take advantage of this instead of opting for wearing your own. If some of the groomsmen end up getting patent leather shoes and others decide to wear their own matte finish dress shoe, when it comes to the wedding photos you will notice a big difference in the shine of the patent leather. Whether you decide to go with patent leather or matte finish make sure all the guys are wearing the same type of shoe.

The groom should wear something that sets him apart from the groomsmen.

Just like the bride wearing a beautiful wedding dress, the groom should be set apart from the groomsmen standing beside him. There are plenty of ways to change the look of the grooms tuxedo; the vest and tie color are the most common. Another option, if you want everyone in the same vest, a classic choice is changing the color of the shirts underneath their vest. Changing the groomsmen to a black shirt while the groom is in a white one sets him apart while keeping the vests and ties matching.

If you are unsure if you will like a tuxedo, you can always ask to see it.

The companies that we deal with ship their tuxedos to us from Toronto or London. Since all of the styles are not in store, you can request a "show customer". This means that the company will send a tuxedo in the size measured to try on and you can make sure that it is the right one for your wedding.